5 Reasons Why Wool Carpeting It The Best Choice For Your Home

Why choose wool carpeting? You have so many different choices out there, and you may not have thought wool to be your first pick. When you think about wearing wool clothing, such as a wool sweater, you think of it being itchy and scratchy, right? So what makes wool carpeting so appealing? Well, let me tell you that there are quite a few benefits to choosing wool carpeting for your home, and as you discover what they are, you might be singing a different tune.

First, wool carpeting is said to be a very healthy choice. That blanket statement might make you wonder a little as to the reasoning. Well, let me tell you there is actually good reasoning behind the statement. Wool carpet doesn’t contain any gases, and it that is just the beginning. It is also said to be a very hygienic carpeting choice in general. To add, you can count on wool carpet to be non-allergenic, too.

That means wool carpeting even starts out as a healthier solution, and you don’t have to worry about so much stuff trapped in the carpet fibers. Naturally, you’re going to keep your carpets clean, but you get the idea. Not only do wool carpets stay cleaner, but you can also count on them to have a much firmer grip. This means that they are much better to walk on in terms of balance and control.

Do you have asthma? This is one improvement you can make to your home to help maintain better indoor air quality and keep the carpet from affecting you and causing problems associated with your asthma. Another great thing about wool carpeting is that it is resistant to flames and will even self extinguish them. That’s a good benefit to have in terms of the carpeting you install in your home.

While you may not think of wool carpeting being very comfortable, it is actually comfortable and very soft. Based on all of its benefits, it is also considered to be a very luxurious carpeting solution. You may have gathered that but still thought it wasn’t comfortable. Well, it is, and it is also very durable and long lasting. That is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of all, especially whe you are talking about carpeting.

You want your carpet to be long lasting. Some carpets are not very durable, but of course they are also cheaper. You do want to look at the pros and cons of wool carpeting in order to make a decision. You are going to find that it is more expensive for sure, and that is going to have to be factored into your decision about what carpeting to have installed.

You are also going to find that while wool carpeting is comfortable, there are going to be some types of carpeting that are rated for better comfort. While that is the case, there is certainly good reason to buy wool carpeting as you can tell. You just have to decide if it is the best solution for your home. Do you think having wool carpet sounds like a plan?

It does indeed make for a good luxurious home carpeting solution, but you have to decide. Think about style choices and factor in those costs. You might also want to look at the pros and cons of other carpeting solutions that you have considered. Get all the facts straight, and then you can decide whether or not you want to go with wool carpets or a different solution. The benefits of wool carpeting though are certainly undeniable, and that is something you will have to think about.


What Are The 5 Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands?

There’s always a danger in selecting the top 5 of anything. The 21st century has brought such great advancement in consumer goods that even the forces of competition cannot weed out the literally hundreds of brands that claim to offer the best brand experience – and the best products. this is especially true when it comes to household appliances.

However there are a couple of criteria that we can apply when looking for the best brands on the market. We asked St Augustine Carpet Cleaners for their top 5 best vacuum cleaner brands.

The first is just how long they’re been in business. A bad brand / bad manufacturer will fall prey to those market forces. The longevity of a brand is a good indication that they are bringing a great product to market and that consumers trust those products.

Of course there is another way to tell which brands are winning the battle for the hearts and minds of consumers and that is to visit one of the many Internet sites where customer testimonials are featured. Many of these sites also feature votes by customers so you get an immediate idea of which brands are in the top rank.

So if we are looking for 5 great vacuum cleaner brands which companies should we be looking at?

At the top of many rankings is Miele. A huge range of various types of vacuums and a commitment to using only the best parts, as well as comprehensive service options and a wide range of attachments means that this brand will always score consistently well. Warranties are also very comprehensive. However, price may be an issue for some consumers.

If you are looking for a lightweight upright vacuum and a host of features then Dyson will have a solution for you. The company’s best selling ‘Shark’ models have always scored highly in customer testimonials. A huge variety suitable for most spaces.

Electrolux has always been a favorite with consumers. Their products are sturdy and last for years. Powerful and attractive upright units continue to sell well across the globe. Once again a massive variety to choose from. Aside from uprights the canister vacuum cleaners from this company also score very highly with consumers. They also supply some great stick style vacuum cleaners.

Hoover is a company that lays claim to inventing the modern vacuum cleaner. A company that has been around for this long must be doing something right – and the quality and technology that they bring to the battle for market share means that they will remain in the top five for some time to come. The company produces some of the best upright vacuum cleaners on the market today. In addition to that Hoover reputation owners will also get access to a great range of accessories which makes the Hoover products suitable for almost every surface on the face of the planet. A great warranty offer allows Hoover vacuums to continue to provide faithful service for years.

Best known perhaps for their commitment to excellent value and cutting edge technology, Kenmore manufactures some of the best canister vacuum cleaners on the market today. They represent excellent value for money and the products are built with that exacting commitment to quality engineering that Kenmore owners know and love. Well worth a look for those in the market for a canister vacuum.

It’s almost impossible to isolate the top five manufacturers of vacuum cleaners in any market. It all comes down to what the individual buyers want from the appliances that they will be purchasing. however, these brands have demonstrated again and again that they can be relied on to consistently provide excellent value and products that perform above and beyond expectation.

Different Tips To Keep Your Carpets Clean

Keeping your carpets well maintained and properly clean is key to having a healthy household. Believe it or not, but carpets can be one of the major causes of poor air quality in your home. Below, we will be going over some of the key tips that you are going to want to implement in order to keep your carpets clean.

Tips To Keep Carpets Clean:

1. Vacuum Often.

One of the main things that you are going to want to do is be sure to vacuum as often as you can. Vacuuming often is one of the best ways to keep your carpets as clean as possible because it is going to help soak up oils and moisture that can lead to bacteria breeding grounds. Therefore, by vacuuming more, you should be able to keep your carpets cleaner and dryer which is going to help minimize the amount of dirt and bacteria that is on them.

2. Walk-In Mats.

When it comes to keeping the carpets in your home clean, you will want to be sure to use something like a walk in the mat. By using walk-in mats, you will be able to get everyone to somewhat clean off their shoes prior to entering your house. The better thing to do would be to simply have everyone take their shoes off prior to entering the house, but this is not always feasible. Therefore, simply having walk-in mats is a great way to keep your carpets cleaner.

3. Clean Stains Instantly.

When it comes to keeping your carpets clean, being sure to get rid of stains right when they happen is key. You will need to be sure to clean the stains that you get right away to avoid them from sinking into the carpet fibers. If there are solids on top of the stain such as with tomato sauce, you are going to want to carefully take the solids off first.

That way, you do not create more surface area for the stain, to begin with. Also, you don’t dig the stain further into the fibers of the carpet. Once you do this, you are going to want to be sure to blot the stain rather than scrub it. You should try to use different kinds of stain removers on the market to see what works the best for the specific stain you are working on.

4. Hire Professionals.

If you are looking to really keep your carpets as clean as possible, you are going to want to hire professional carpet cleaners. The fact is, keeping your carpets clean with consumer grade equipment can be difficult. By hiring professionals, not only are you going to get access to their knowledge and expertise which will help, but you are going to gain access to their professional grade carpet cleaning equipment. This alone is going to help keep your carpets as clean as possible.

Overall, there is a lot you can do to help keep your carpets as clean as possible. By following the tips above, you should be able to keep your carpets from becoming breeding grounds for bacteria and dust mites. Also, you should be able to keep your carpets from getting stained long term.

Also, it is going to help you avoid having people trek in dirt and mud from the outdoors onto your carpets. You always want to be sure that you are vacuuming enough to keep your carpets and clean as you possibly can. With that being said, you will want to hire a professional carpet cleaning company at times to really give your carpets a deep cleaning.