Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands

What Are The 5 Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands?

There’s always a danger in selecting the top 5 of anything. The 21st century has brought such great advancement in consumer goods that even the forces of competition cannot weed out the literally hundreds of brands that claim to offer the best brand experience – and the best products. this is especially true when it comes to household appliances.

However there are a couple of criteria that we can apply when looking for the best brands on the market. We asked St Augustine Carpet Cleaners for their top 5 best vacuum cleaner brands.

The first is just how long they’re been in business. A bad brand / bad manufacturer will fall prey to those market forces. The longevity of a brand is a good indication that they are bringing a great product to market and that consumers trust those products.

Of course there is another way to tell which brands are winning the battle for the hearts and minds of consumers and that is to visit one of the many Internet sites where customer testimonials are featured. Many of these sites also feature votes by customers so you get an immediate idea of which brands are in the top rank.

So if we are looking for 5 great vacuum cleaner brands which companies should we be looking at?

At the top of many rankings is Miele. A huge range of various types of vacuums and a commitment to using only the best parts, as well as comprehensive service options and a wide range of attachments means that this brand will always score consistently well. Warranties are also very comprehensive. However, price may be an issue for some consumers.

If you are looking for a lightweight upright vacuum and a host of features then Dyson will have a solution for you. The company’s best selling ‘Shark’ models have always scored highly in customer testimonials. A huge variety suitable for most spaces.

Electrolux has always been a favorite with consumers. Their products are sturdy and last for years. Powerful and attractive upright units continue to sell well across the globe. Once again a massive variety to choose from. Aside from uprights the canister vacuum cleaners from this company also score very highly with consumers. They also supply some great stick style vacuum cleaners.

Hoover is a company that lays claim to inventing the modern vacuum cleaner. A company that has been around for this long must be doing something right – and the quality and technology that they bring to the battle for market share means that they will remain in the top five for some time to come. The company produces some of the best upright vacuum cleaners on the market today. In addition to that Hoover reputation owners will also get access to a great range of accessories which makes the Hoover products suitable for almost every surface on the face of the planet. A great warranty offer allows Hoover vacuums to continue to provide faithful service for years.

Best known perhaps for their commitment to excellent value and cutting edge technology, Kenmore manufactures some of the best canister vacuum cleaners on the market today. They represent excellent value for money and the products are built with that exacting commitment to quality engineering that Kenmore owners know and love. Well worth a look for those in the market for a canister vacuum.

It’s almost impossible to isolate the top five manufacturers of vacuum cleaners in any market. It all comes down to what the individual buyers want from the appliances that they will be purchasing. however, these brands have demonstrated again and again that they can be relied on to consistently provide excellent value and products that perform above and beyond expectation.